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Aussie Parrots

for lovers of Australian Parrots

An intro of sorts
Hi guys. I recently got a budgerigar. The abbreviated story of how he came to live with us and a picture.Collapse )This weekend we picked up a cage that is twice the size of the one we started him in. We put his favorite toys in it and made new perches and he seems to like it. He sure does sing a lot in this new cage. It's close to the size the cage was in before we took him home that also housed about 10 other budgies. They weren’t crowded; this is just a big cage. It’s so big I’m almost tempted to get him a friend.

Galah/Tiel - Movie/Sounds

Birds back with mum and dad!

Within a minute they found them and were re-building their nest which i put inside the box :)

Any ideas what the bird is? its tiny!.

I was wondering if someone could confirm what type of birds i have here!
A cat took down the whole nest and they were brought to me to look after. I had to cut open the nest to see what was inside but it was completely round with only a circle opening and was lined with animal fur (clever).

The birds need to live wildly in the Rosebud, Victoria area!, my guess is sparrows due to how tiny they are!. They have basically most of their feathers and eat by themselves (as in I do not need to stick the food down for them to eat it, they will grab and eat on their own).


5 PICTURES!Collapse )

Well its been confirmed as true after being displayed at bird sales and conventions
...poor thing isn't going to have much of a stable life, below is a recent picture of the galah/tiel.

AWWWWWWWWWWWW TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe how cute are they 0:) i'd love wild quakers near me 0:)

Sign the petition to let the babys live 0:)


Ok all you none Aussies can move here with your birdies 0:)
Can I bring my Pet Bird with me to Australia?

The import of live animals into Australia is strictly controlled. If you want to import your pet bird into Australia it must be included on the list of specimens suitable for live import and not excluded from use as a household pet. You must be able to demonstrate that you have owned and kept the bird as a household pet before moving to Australia. Australia has many non-native pest animals, including birds. Strict controls regulate the import of live non-native animals to protect the environment from potential new pest species.

If your pet bird is identified as suitable to be brought into Australia as a household pet you must obtain an import permit from DEH before bringing the bird into the country. You will also have to obtain quarantine clearance from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.


My Sisters Alexandrine Parrot Alpha and his *inside* play areas/cage 0:)
...for those that remember he came from the same breeder as Norm but is a month younger which makes him almost one!.

...3 PICTURES BEHIND HERE!!!Collapse )

Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, the Commonwealth may seize an exotic bird if a person is not able to obtain proof that the bird or its ancestors was legally imported into Australia; or that the bird or its ancestors was registered under NEBRS. The person found in possession of the animal can be prosecuted.

I have discovered another adorable Australian Parrot awwwwwww
...Fig Parrots!.